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Welcome to my new home on the Internet.

I’ve moved away from my traditional approach to my website where I would code it myself and instead let wordpress look after all that. This way I can concentrate more on the content.

If your wondering where the photo’s have gone, you can still view them by clicking the relevant category under the photography section in the top or right navigation bars.

I’m working on a number of articles and mini how to guides for this blog, mostly photography based with the occasional web development post. Also my experiments in photography and the mistakes I make a long the way.

To start you off below is an article I wrote on Rodinal, a black and white film developer.

Stay tuned for:
An introduction to… Redscale film
An introduction to… Stand development
Polarizing filter with slide film

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  1. Gilly

    Love the photos. : love the new approach – don’t forget the life soap with gf….


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