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Continued adventures

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My visa expires at midnight….I’m meant to be going home today after one year travelling and working in Australia. I never intended to stay longer than a year, but I am lucky enough to be able to decide otherwise

Visa challenges

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I’d planned to stay at the herb farm in the Liffey Mountains for the entire time required to qualify for the second year’s visa but due to a few issues were which out of my control I have moved on. I had a total of 106 days to complete 88 days of regional work. After… Read more »

Farm Life, getting back to nature

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As I mentioned previously, in order to get a second years working holiday visa for Australia the department of immigration require you to complete 88 days of regional work during your first working holiday visa. So I’ve headed down to the island of Tasmania to work on a herbal tea farm. The farm is situated… Read more »